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Is It Time to Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Oct 14, 2019

By Donny Kensmoe

If you are a few versions behind on Microsoft Dynamics GP, then it’s probably time to start planning an upgrade. 

Dynamics GP 2013 came to the end of its support lifecycle on April 18, 2018. Microsoft will no longer be releasing any new Dynamics GP 2013 updates (e.g., hotfixes, service packs and year-end updates). Mainstream Support for Dynamics GP 2015 will end as well on April 14, 2020, which means that at that point in time, you will no longer receive tax and year-end updates for that version either. 

Recently, Microsoft made the move to drop the “year” from the GP product name as part of the move to the Modern Lifecycle model (bringing it in line with most of Microsoft’s other products). Click here to read more about this new naming model. 

On October 7, 2019, Microsoft released a new version of GP. If you are currently on GP 2013 or GP 2015, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to this latest release. Why upgrade? These are the top four reasons:

1. Benefit from new Dynamics GP features

If you are currently still using GP 2013 or GP 2015, then you are missing out on a ton of new features that were introduced with the last four major releases of GP. Included in all releases are:

  • Workflow:GP Workflow continues to expand and enhance existing options. Use this built-in feature to automate the approval process. 
  • Power BI:Use Power BI reports from within or outside of GP, turning the data in visual reports and dashboards into accessible information for everyone who needs it.
  • Top user requests:Microsoft gathers and makes changes with each version on some of the top-voted requests. Many of these changes enhance the overall user experience — making it easier than even to navigate and utilize GP
  • Intelligent cloud:Further your mobile ability and transform your business data into accessible information that drives decision-making. Get proactive information to head off problems before they start and deliver better customer experiences. For more information, click here.
  • Document attach:Like Workflow, document attach has been expanded since the initial release. Eliminate the filing of records with use of the attach feature on master records or transactions. Click here to learn more.

2. Gain cost savings

Regular GP upgrades are actually more cost-effective! By keeping your system up to date, the transition to a new version of GP is much smoother. Delaying an upgrade can potentially cause more problems for your company because the longer you wait to upgrade Dynamics GP, the more difficult it is to move to the most recent version. It makes the transition more complex and involves more time, which increases the potential for extended downtime and increased costs. 

3. Stay compliant with tax laws

Unsupported versions of GP do not include recent changes to tax forms and tax rates. By being on a supported version of Dynamics GP, you keep your business compliant with current tax laws and best practices in accounting and avoid the hassle and expense of working around outdated software.

4. Improve Dynamics GP security 

Data security is a top priority for your business, especially when it comes to financial data. You are more likely to experience a security breach on an unsupported version of GP. By being on the latest release of Dynamics GP, you are much more protected from defects and threats.

Which Microsoft Dynamics GP version is right for you?

GP 2015 mainstream support ends April 14, 2020. To allow enough time to upgrade before support ends next year, we recommend upgrading this year. For GP 2013 and prior versions, mainstream support has lapsed. This means that no more bug fixes or tax releases are available. We recommend you upgrade immediately or contact your GP consultant if you’re interested in considering other software solutions, especially if your service contract has lapsed. 

At Wipfli, our Microsoft Dynamics specialists can help you identify the best solution for your organization and can assist you with your transition from start to finish. Contact us to learn more.

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