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What You Should Know about Microsoft Dynamics Roadmap in 2019 and Beyond

Jul 07, 2019
By: Mark Christie

Microsoft continues to evolve Dynamics GP and Dynamics Business Central to deliver for its customers no matter what they have and what they need. 

For midsized businesses, Dynamics GP and Dynamics Business Central are built to position companies for success, and Microsoft has been making major developments in product innovation. 

In a recent webinar, John Kirsch and Mark Christie, technology and finance professionals at Wipfli, explored just what is on the horizon for these two products in terms of ongoing development, cloud enhancements, artificial intelligence, and much more.

Dynamics GP: Digging into GP ‘Next’

Still used by a wide range of businesses for its stability and improvements, Dynamics GP continues to add new features each year. Each major release of GP continues to add new functionality, with many of those features providing steps to transform your processes. 

And 2019 will be no different. GP will continue to provide better workflow management, tighter integration with Power BI and increased mobility with Microsoft Intelligent Cloud.

Support Schedules for Dynamics GP

GP relies on a five-year mainstream support schedule, with another five years of extended support. With mainstream support for GP 2010 and GP 2013 in the rearview mirror and soon ending for GP 2015, now is the time to upgrade to the latest GP product, GP 2018.

Why Upgrade? 

As support schedules end, it becomes harder for your business to keep up and remain compliant. In supported versions, businesses continue to receive Payroll and tax updates, bug fixes, security and compliance, as well as new features and more. Additionally, when you choose to upgrade, you can improve access to GP by hosting it in the cloud. Additionally, as GP looks to provide your business the ability to embrace digital transformation, they are focused on improving the following in GP 2018 updates:

  • Workflow 
  • Document attach 
  • EFT 
  • Electronic Banking (Reconcile, Safe Pay) 
  • Electronic invoices, remittance and more 
  • Intelligent Cloud 
  • Power Platform

Dynamics 365 Business Central: Continuous Improvement, One Version

Despite launching with somewhat confusing naming issues, Dynamics 365 Business Central has become a strong competitor in the SMB ERP landscape. Built on the NAV code base and optimized for the cloud, Business Central provides a single, comprehensive solution for growing businesses. .. As the product continues to add new features, businesses using NAV will continue to find new functionality as they join the ranks of BC users.

Dynamics 365 online instances are moving to a single supported version. This fall, customers can expect to see enhanced user experience, proficiency improvements and more customization options. 

Watch the Webinar to Learn More

Learn more about what you need to know in our entire Microsoft Dynamics Roadmap — What’s Next? webinar replay. In addition to the topics discussed above, we covered: 

  • Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 roadmaps.
  • Why it is important to upgrade to the latest GP version.
  • Utilizing hosting options to move GP to the cloud.
  • Microsoft cloud and product integration, utilizing GP’s Intelligent Cloud integration and more.
  • Unlocking the connected business applications for data, intelligence and action.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Watch the entire webinar here and contact us to learn more about your Dynamics journey.


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