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Management and Leadership in Nonprofits


Tips on using technology to make workloads manageable

Nov 29, 2021
By: Tammy T. Jelinek

Everywhere you look you see the signs: We are hiring.

So much for the widespread fears that machines would soon be replacing humans on the job.  From local restaurants and shops to large corporations, every business and nonprofit organization seems to need people.

These days many workers might appreciate a boost from artificial intelligence, anything to make workloads more manageable.

As we work with clients to help them connect technology to their services, here are recommendations based on a few things we are seeing in the workplace:

Make the most of data

  • Anywhere in your process that a computer can take information, categorize it behind the scenes, and share valuable data with the people who serve your clients. Focusyour dollars there.
    • Learn what intake systems are available.
    • Identify areas where your siloed systems can connect and share data.
    • Give your people the time they need to engage with information and find solutions rather than push paper.

Use your website for action

  • Most websites we see are trying to cover it all. . Need our services, go to our website. Want to donate, go to our website. Curious about what we do, go to our website.
    • Think about your website from the audience’s point of view.
    • Analyze your website’s structure to improve navigation depending on the needs and interests of visitors.
    • Learn how digital investments can take your ability to help to the next level.

Take stock of what you are doing and question its value.

  • It’s time to ask why at every level of your agency.
    • Look at old reports, old processes, old systems and either get rid of them, update them or replace them.
    • Before you buy anything else, consider future needs. Is this a short-term purchase or could it be a growth investment?
    • Doing something just because “we have always done it that way” makes no sense. Empower your teams to change course.

Often the challenge we hear is lack of time or money. You may not get more of either, so it’s best to use the valuable resources you have available in the best ways possible.

Before continuing to conduct business in the same ways you have for decades, think about how a new process could benefit the people you still have on your team — and your clients.

And as always, if you need someone on your side as you explore options, make changes and face the future – Wipfli is here.

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