Fill your tank — unplug at conferences


Fill your tank — unplug at conferences

Aug 01, 2019

Leadership Blog: Fill your tank — unplug at conferences

We have all been there: You’re at a conference with a similar group of professionals and you see people juggling work on phones or computers instead of listening to the presenter.

You are allowed to stop working.

Let me repeat that — YOU ARE ALLOWED TO STOP WORKING! And here is why it’s crucial for you to stop working to fill your tank:

  • Legacy:
    • When you disconnect, you allow others to take care of the details while you learn something or think of the next big thing.
    • When you allow others to take care of the details, they feel confident when you come back from learning to ask them for the next big thing.
  • Growth:
    • When you give yourself time to learn, you may just do that — learn something new or a fresh approach.
    • Whether you learn something new in the presentation, at the networking events or while just being there letting your mind wander — great ideas will happen.
  • Engagement:
    • When you refresh and/or when you learn, you are more engaged.
    • Your brain needs a break from fire drills, emergencies and expectations — and so does your heart, soul, mind and body.

I write this in anticipation of a large conference I am attending. I needed this reminder. Maybe you do too?

Wishing you a great day, and remember: Lead with legacy.


Tammy Jelinek has over 20 years of experience in working in and with fabulous organizations. This blog will explore what it’s like for her to lead as a woman, a GenXer and a person who truly wants to lead with legacy — meaning she wants to walk her talk. Tammy has presented training nationally across the United States, built businesses, coached amazing people and built a career in the squiggliest path known to man…or in this case, woman. She has a passion for being curious, helping people and making actions happen.

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