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Wipfli’s associates help interpret trends and provide solutions through original research and analysis. See our work below.

Research reports

State of rural healthcare report 2024

State of rural healthcare 2024 research report

New research shows “cautious optimism” among rural healthcare providers, as many tackle 2024 without the COVID-19 funding that helped them meet increased healthcare demands despite steep inflation and higher expenses.

Wipfli surveyed more than 100 rural healthcare organizations in 26 states to learn how they’re navigating this “new normal.” Download the report to learn their top financial concerns and their planned strategic responses.

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State of banking 2024 research report

Wipfli surveyed 390 financial institutions across 28 states to reveal a snapshot of where banks are headed in 2024, including the industry’s top growth strategies and biggest areas of concern.

Research revealed a slowdown in aggressive growth, a reluctance to embrace AI and a surprising number of cybersecurity instances. Download the report now to explore these concerns and learn more about what the banking industry is expecting in 2024.

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State of credit union 2024 research report

Wipfli surveyed 83 credit unions in 20 states to learn about their priorities and top concerns going into 2024.

The results show credit unions are less bullish on their market position heading into the next 12 months than they were the previous year. And because they can no longer rely on their reputation for in-person customer service or being the only brick-and-mortar financial institution in underbanked areas, they need to maintain their market share and grow by staying ahead of the technology curve. Download the report to explore Wipfli’s data and insights.

2023 state of manufacturing industry call out

State of manufacturing 2024 research report

Rising production costs and the threat of a recession are top of mind among American manufacturers. Supply chain issues, employee retention and data security are also big concerns shaping leaders’ decisions.

A Wipfli survey of more than 330 manufacturing executives across the country shines light on manufacturing trends, including where industry leaders see pain points and challenges. Find out how manufacturing leaders view 2024 and where they are placing their priorities.

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State of the asset management industry 2023 research report

Asset management firms are facing increased pressure to leverage digital tools. At the same time, they must attract and retain employees skilled at both the analytic and human-facing components of investment.

Wipfli surveyed 99 asset management firms in 31 states to learn more about these challenges facing the industry. Discover how firms are addressing talent management, technology integration, employee development, client service enhancement, and workflow optimization.

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State of the wealth management industry 2023 research report

Following major market disruptions fueled by pandemic irregularities, staffing shortages, rising inflation and more, wealth management firms are facing future operations with cautious optimism.

Wipfli surveyed more than 100 wealth management firms in 28 states to learn about current challenges facing the industry — and the ways firms are working to solve them. Explore how firms are addressing employee retention and recruitment, client cultivation, technology integration, and mergers and acquisitions.

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2023 Indian gaming cost of doing business report

After years of pandemic-inspired uncertainty, most Indian gaming casinos returned to a new normal in 2022. The 2023 Cost of Doing Business Report shows tribal casinos have become more confident, even as concerns about the economy persist.

We surveyed 132 Native American organizations in 17 states to capture their financial state. Use the report to compare your performance against tribal casinos overall and by region and size.

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