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Healthcare Connections: Discover workforce solutions to meet increasing demands on your organization

Tara Cohn
Apr 17, 2023

Transparency and automation are among the forces healthcare organizations worldwide are using to create an effective workforce that leverages individuals across all talents, genders, ethnicities and cultures.

During this webinar, we focused on how to enable staff to operate at their highest and best use to meet individual patient needs, while reducing burnout, improving employee satisfaction and increasing retention.

Watch the recording to learn how a blend of traditional-, technology- and talent-based solutions can benefit your healthcare organization.

The event covered:

  • The overarching problem of staffing challenges today and how we got here.
  • How creative partnerships and internal and external hiring strategies can help.
  • Ways that data analytics can increase transparency, enhance decision-making and improve forecasting for staffing and operations.
  • How leadership and organizational development can retain, grow and attract talent.


Tara Cohn
Director, Data Analytics and Modernization
Tom Cox
Tiffany Karlin


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