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Information and tools to conquer any task.

With an annual My Wipfli Membership Service, your leadership team gets 24/7 access to resources, articles, templates and more — all from a top-20 accounting and consulting firm.

You can trust what you find on My Wipfli. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can ask. My Wipfli members can pose their toughest questions and get a timely, personal response from Wipfli professionals with specialized knowledge in audit, tax, training and accounting.

My Wipfli Membership Service is an annual subscription that your entire leadership team can leverage. It includes:

  • Templates: Over 500 customizable policy and procedure templates covering finance, HR, IT and Uniform Guidance regulations. We keep business materials compliant and up to date so you can put them into practice faster.
  • Regulations library: Find everything you need to understand and apply federal regulations in one place. 
  • Toolkits: Get resources and tools to help you jumpstart important projects, from fundraising campaigns to Davis-Bacon compliance and onboarding staff.
  • Answers: Members can ask Wipfli professionals about regulations, audits, processes, HR and leadership. Post a question and get an answer you can trust.
  • Access: My Wipfli members get 24/7 access to important information and resources and are among the first to learn about new training, tools and services.

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Is your organization struggling to stay up to date on changing regulations? Do you want template policies and procedures so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel? Do you need access to call the experts and ask the tough questions that impact your organization? Become a member!