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Agreed Upon Procedures

Delivering credibility customized to fit your needs.

Whether triggered by an internal concern or external compliance, properly designed agreed upon procedures can meet the special needs of board members and regulators. Agreed upon procedures can deliver immediate value and create the transparency and credibility needed to head off other more intense scrutiny or auditing.

Experts support clients with these more commonly agreed upon procedures: 

  • Dispute resolution
  • Director exams
  • Board of director elections and monitoring
  • Accounts receivable and inventory
  • Contract compliance

Featured Expertise

Melanie Mick, CPA

Melanie specializes in value-added audit and attestation services. She has vast experience working with public and private clients of all sizes. Having worked in public accounting and the private sector, Melanie has a strong and well-rounded background, enabling her to quickly adapt to complex issues and circumstances. 

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