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Delivering a clear, verified financial picture.

With diverse experience in a wide range of industries, Wipfli audit teams combine financial know how with business practicality. This unique combination not only produces world-class audits, but adds another dimension of value, ensuring that the client’s time and resources are used efficiently. 

Clients can be assured that audits are performed in a customized, risk-based manner, with procedures focused on the critical issues facing each individual client. 

In addition, experienced audit teams bring new tools and a depth of knowledge to the auditing process, streamlining the time burden on internal staff. The introduction of the proprietary Wipfli AudiLytics® process integrates data analytics and advanced auditing techniques into a single, efficient system. The customizable AudiLytics® methodology ensures the individual authenticity of each audit, while leveraging the time-saving tools of big data.

By recognizing the value of a client's time as well as their assets, Wipfli audits are a unique experience, helping to clarify internal operations and forecast new opportunities.

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