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Revenue Recognition

How to meet the ASC 606 standards

Still confused about new revenue recognition standards? Did you implement a quick solution that you’re not sure makes long-term sense? Or have you made a change to your business that means you have to adjust your revenue recognition?

Wipfli’s experienced CPAs and consultants can walk you through ASC 606 standards and provide guidance on how changes impact people, policies, processes and systems.

Our team will work with yours to provide sound processes such as tiered pricing, marketing offers, volume discounts, contract modifications, and a host of other potential contract terms to minimize financial exposure.

With expertise in accounting and financial reporting, tax compliance, processes and systems, our team is ready to help you with:

  • Readiness assessments
  • Implementation plans
  • Reviewing contract terms
  • Recommending contract changes
  • Assisting with changes to accounting systems
  • Evaluating impact on financial reporting
  • Training and education

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Revenue recognition overview
Revenue recognition overview
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