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Are you ready for CMMC?

If your company works within the Department of Defense (DoD) supply chain, you might be wondering exactly who needs CMMC certification.

By the start of the Federal Reserve System’s FY26, all contractors, subcontractors and suppliers will need to comply with Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). This means making significant changes to the way your business secures controlled unclassified information (CUI). Not sure how to get started?

Work with a designated CMMC consultant

As a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) experienced in CMMC requirements, Wipfli helps businesses prepare for CMMC and achieve certification.

We bring deep experience solving complex problems for the manufacturing and construction industries. We know your business, your challenges and what you need to do to succeed. From assessment, to design, to implementation and beyond, we’re here to guide you through the CMMC process.

To help you prepare for your CMMC audit, our CMMC team will:

  1. Perform a baseline assessment and create your POAM
  2. Take remediation action on your POAM and implement new security safeguards
  3. Manage your secure environment
  4. Perform your preaudit checkup

With Wipfli, you can put your business in the best position to achieve CMMC and continue winning DoD contracts.

CMMC articles

DoD adds critical verification component to defense contractor cybersecurity requirements

In this article, we answer critical questions about CMMC, including:

  • Who does CMMC apply to?
  • How many CMMC levels are there?
  • What are capabilities?
  • What are practices?
  • How do you demonstrate process maturity?
  • What are the CMMC costs and reimbursement options?

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New interim rule continues DoD push to increase the security and resilience of the Defense Industrial Base sector

In this article, we dive into the new NIST SP 800-171 assessment reporting requirement, formal CMMC requirements and what you need to know now.

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CMMC webinars

What you need to know to comply with DoD cybersecurity certification requirements

If your company provides products or services in the DoD supply chain or plans to bid on DoD contracts, CMMC will apply to your organization. During this webinar, we cover how you can:

  • Identify Federal Contract Information and Controlled Unclassified Information in your environment.
  • Apply process maturity concepts to increase the formality of your cybersecurity management program.
  • Determine the technical practices that apply to your organization and implementing enhancements to your cybersecurity posture.

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Diving into CMMC requirements — including recent updates

Are you concerned about how your business is going to achieve CMMC? In this webcast, you’ll learn:

  • More specifics about the CMMC compliance timeline —including who will be required to undergo provisional assessments.
  • What the more challenging requirements of CMMC compliance are and what clarifications have been made since March.
  • Why your business should start developing a compliance plan before assessments start to ramp up, and how.
  • More clarity on level 2 requirements around documentation.
  • What enclaves are and how they’ll work.
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CMMC compliance checklist
Check whether you’re ready for your CMMC audit
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