Employee benefit solutions

Build a strong, compliant employee benefit program.

Attract and retain valued employees with a comprehensive benefits package, designed and administered by a proven team.

Wipfli’s outsourced employee benefit services cover everything from plan design and investment program selection, through implementation and record keeping, to plan participant and IRS and Department of Labor compliance reporting.

Employee benefit plan design services

Our turnkey plan design gives growing businesses of every shape and size confidence, clarity and a clear path to delivering benefits for employees and business owners. Wipfli’s employee benefit specialists provide plan documents to implement any plan design:

  • 401(k) profit sharing plans
  • Money purchase pension plans
  • Defined benefit plans, including cash balance
  • Code Section 457 plans for tax-exempt employers
  • Premium only Cafeteria plans

You can also integrate your 401(k) benefits with payroll, which increases compliance and saves time by helping you:

  • View employee changes in one centralized place
  • Spend less time gathering year-end census information
  • Avoid potential, costly repercussions from untimely and inaccurate reporting

Retirement plan compliance and recordkeeping services

We stay up to date on current developments, technology, tools and resources to ensure plans not only meet the needs of your employees and your organization but also comply with IRS and DOL reporting and disclosure requirements. Our dedicated staff focus on providing proactive consulting, recordkeeping and compliance services for retirement plans, including:

  • Processing employee census data for determining eligibility
  • Vesting calculations, and calculating contribution allocations and processing deposits
  • Reconciling plan investment activity, including reconciling payroll contribution data to investment records
  • Preparing a summary of participants’ accounts for the employer and account statements for participants
  • Discrimination testing and monitoring contribution limits
  • Preparing notice and election forms for terminated participants and processing distributions
  • Reviewing and processing qualified domestic relations orders
  • Preparing loan documentation and processing loan distributions and repayments

Plus, your IRS and DOL compliance needs are met with preparation of Form 5500 and required schedules, as well as the audited financial statement for Form 5500 filings.

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