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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect your organization from unplanned system outages and lost data.

Business leaders understand the need to protect their organizations’ information assets in today’s technology driven workplace. Unplanned system outages or loss of data caused by catastrophic systems failure, inadvertent or intentional deletion, and malware infections do occur.  Are you sure you are protected and your business can recover?  

Wipfli offers both fully managed backup and recovery systems and other cloud-based solutions for those who wish to manage things on their own.  We work with you to understand the big picture: where your critical systems and data reside and who needs to access them.  We then help you develop a strategy that protects your systems and data and takes the worry out of backing them up.  

Wipfli’s team of experts regularly partners with clients in all industries to mitigate the business risks associated with unplanned events and outages. With our managed backup and recovery solution we allow you to focus on your business, knowing your systems and data are backed up securely and that the recovery process has been tested.

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