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Technology Training

Close the technology gap with My Training, a personalized training environment.

Investing in technology keeps companies competitive. Cloud technology tools, including Microsoft Office 365, bring new features and functionality online every day, making change the only constant. Yet feature and functionality training is no longer enough. Businesses require a well-thought-out plan to help users fully leverage these new tools and enable business processes.

Wipfli’s team of experts can help design a training program that enables employees to become proficient with new tools, letting companies get the most from their technology investments. We’ll demonstrate how to increase employee competency with these new technologies to allow more effective collaboration with customers and each other. 

Wipfli uses its My Training platform to provide clients with individualized training experiences in an environment that allows self-paced, monitored, bite-sized, online classes for employees. Get the most out of Office 365. Contact us for an initial consultation.

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