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Wipfli cybersecurity resource center

With new cyber threats rising, enhancing your cybersecurity is more important than ever before — but where you start all depends on how mature your information security program is. Take a look at our cybersecurity resources to help determine your organization’s needs.

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How cybersecurity boosts business resilience

As tempting as it may be to forgo security investments in the face of other rising costs, no firm is exempt from cyberattacks. Adapting a smart cybersecurity program is at the core of a business resiliency mindset. Learn about key overlooked areas that could put your business at risk.

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Are your cyber defenses ready for AI?

ChatGPT already knows five ways to carry out cyberattacks. Are you ready to fight back? Learn how to protect your business from AI-driven cyberthreats.

30 tips in 30 days e-book

30 tips in 30 days e-book

No matter where your organization’s information security program is in its maturity, you can benefit from Wipfli’s 30 cybersecurity tips. Download our e-book to learn everything from who cybercriminals are targeting, to what methods they’re using and how you can help protect your business.

On-demand webcasts

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What is MDR, and do you need it?

Cyber insurance carriers are encouraging organizations to use MDR, EDR and XDR. But what are these solutions, and how are they different? Watch this webinar to learn all about modern endpoint security and detection capabilities.

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What is a red team exercise, and how is it different from a purple team exercise?

If you regularly get good cyber assessment results, it might be time to level up to a red team or purple team exercise. Watch this webinar to discover how red teams and purple teams level up your security, what the difference between them is, and when you need one or the other.

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What is zero trust, why do you need it and how do you get it?

Networks and systems were designed from the beginning to trust all users and transactions. But with rising cybercrime comes a big need to implement zero trust concepts. Learn what zero trust is, and how you can incorporate it in our on-demand cybersecurity webinar.

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Why a vCISO is the better option

Discover what a vCISO can do for your business in this on-demand webinar. We examine the ins and outs of vCISO, including expectations and responsibilities of an information security officer, the benefits of using a fractional ownership model and how to choose the right provider.