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Tax strategies to minimize your exposure and maximize your goals

Whether you’re a business looking to strengthen your competitive advantage, a nonprofit looking to stay compliant or an individual looking to preserve family wealth, utilizing the right tax strategy is critical. You need a tax advisor who understands your challenges and your opportunities.

Why Wipfli?

From tax planning and strategy to tax accounting, Wipfli delivers CPA tax services tailored to businesses, nonprofits and individuals. Our comprehensive approach is fueled by years of collective tax preparation experience and tax law knowledge. The tax environment can be complex, but our team of tax advisors is here to assist you in navigating it with ease so you can achieve your goals.

How we help

Turn tax requirements and industry regulations into opportunities to strengthen your business. At Wipfli, we don’t just prepare tax returns. Our tax advisors integrate business thinking into a comprehensive view of compliance, taxation and regulation to develop strategies that meet short- and long-term needs. Our proactive tax planning approach works to defuse problems early, eliminate surprises and convert would-be challenges into opportunities.

We assist with tax planning and compliance, tax accounting, tangible property regulations, business structure and entity planning, and much more.

Tax exemption is a critical support for nonprofit organizations as they work toward achieving their missions. But the regulations are complex and challenging.

Let Wipfli help you stay compliant, reduce risk and capture all tax opportunities available to you. Our high level of strategic consultation delivers the level of support you need to fully understand — and address — the critical tax issues impacting your organization. Whether it’s applying for exempt status, analyzing new revenue streams for unrelated business income or even training your staff, we’re here to help.

Increasingly complex tax codes require a robust tax strategy. We can help instill confidence that you’re making the right decisions to minimize your tax burden and help preserve your wealth. And that’s because our team goes beyond simply reducing your tax burden. We take a proactive approach that reflects the changes in your life, your company and your family.

As one of the top CPA firms in the country, we can help ensure you comply with all complex tax regulations while mitigating your burden and building your future. We assist with strategy and planning around charitable contributions, estate and gift tax, transfer tax, stock option and compensation timing, tax deferral, IRS and tax controversy support, and much more.

Client success story

Discover how Wipfli helped a client achieve $275,000 in net tax savings.

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