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Tax services for nonprofits

Reduce risk and capture the tax opportunities available to you

Tax exemption is the bedrock that supports nonprofit organizations in their work toward achieving their missions. But the federal and state environment that regulates nonprofits can be complex and challenging. Annual filings, excise taxes, unrelated business income (UBI) reporting, multi-entity planning — the list of tax challenges you face goes on.

Let Wipfli help you navigate the nonprofit tax world so that you can stay compliant, reduce risk and capture all tax opportunities available to you.

We are one of the top CPA firms specializing in nonprofits in the U.S. We serve all types of nonprofits, including associations, federally funded human service agencies, community-based nonprofits, foundations, nonprofit healthcare organizations and nonprofit education institutions. Our team is here to assist you in navigating the federal, state and international tax environment — whether it’s applying for exempt status or analyzing new revenue streams for unrelated business income and beyond.

What sets us apart? The high level of strategic consultation we provide helps ensure you get the exact level of support you need and can fully understand — and address — the critical tax issues impacting your organization.

Our nonprofit tax services include:

  • Annual IRS and state charitable filings
  • Unrelated business income (UBI) research and reporting
  • Multi-entity organizational structure optimization
  • Story telling with the 990
  • Governance, policies and procedures guidance and best practices
  • Revenue source analysis/public support protection
  • IRS notice, disputes and controversies assistance
  • International tax compliance
  • Exempt applications and determination updates
  • Training for your staff
  • Donor contribution planning/foundation planning
  • Excise tax reporting

Contact us to learn more about our tax services for nonprofits or to get started.

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