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Paul T. Lally


Paul Lally leads Wipfli’s multi-disciplinary team offering services to the wealth and asset management industry. Leveraging more than 30 years of experience, he helps clients navigate the growth and long-term success of their business. As an industry speaker, Paul is known for his lively, on-target delivery of timely topics, practical strategies and thought-provoking insights. He has delivered keynote speeches to thousands of executives from a multitude of companies. Paul has extensive knowledge of wealth and asset management industry trends, the transformations going on within various companies and the realities of operating a privately-owned financial services firm in today’s market.

Areas of Focus

  • Strategic business planning
  • Succession planning
  • Transition planning
  • Buy-side advice
  • Sell-side advice
  • Merger consulting
  • Intercompany transfers/buyout planning


Widener University
  • Bachelor of arts degree

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