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The financial institutions industry is experiencing rapid change, creating the need to be agile, strategically minded and future focused. Digital is the way to move forward — to better connect with customers and stay competitive.

Our Wipfli Digital team doesn’t just offer digital solutions. We offer digital clarity — cutting through to make the future work for you. Let’s overcome your biggest challenges and stay in compliance with the right tech strategy.

Core systems

Many financial institutions believe their biggest barrier to innovation is their core system — and they’re often right. Transitioning to “best of breed” solutions enables you to streamline processes and improve the employee experience, deliver awesome customer experiences that solidify loyalty and position your institution for long-term innovation and success.

Let Wipfli help you:

  • Identify your pain points and create a roadmap for technology innovation
  • Select and implement best-of-breed solutions to replace your aging core
  • Leverage business intelligence to make more strategic decisions
  • Develop custom technology to meet unique needs and opportunities

Mobile strategy

Mobile banking is now a standard consumer expectation. Other mobile services are gaining popularity, too, from remote online notary services to virtual customer meetings. And we can’t ignore that mobile offerings streamline internal processes, increasing employee efficiency and productivity.

What does your institution’s mobile strategy look like? By partnering with Wipfli, you can:

  • Assess your current needs and infrastructure
  • Define and develop your digital strategy
  • Create custom mobile applications

The cloud

Some financial institutions have resisted transitioning to the cloud because of security and compliance concerns, but these days, the benefits of the cloud far outweigh any cons. It’s not just that cloud-based tech allows employees to work remotely — institutions can also better support customers, centralize and utilize data, improve security and keep systems up to date.

Work with Wipfli to:

  • Strategically evolve your IT infrastructure
  • Transition to cloud technology
  • Improve cloud security
  • Centralize and manage data

Robotic process automation

Another way your institution can streamline processes is through robotic process automation (RPA). RPA can give your employees the time they need to spend with customers, solve issues and build relationships.

Let Wipfli help you:

  • Assess where your institution could benefit from RPA
  • Select and implement, or develop, RPA technology
  • Leverage data analytics and improve reporting


Cybersecurity is paramount for financial institutions. Are you doing everything you can to mitigate risk and protect your customers?

At Wipfli, we’re specialists in cybersecurity. We can help you:

  • Assess your cybersecurity and identify risks and vulnerabilities
  • Implement managed detection and response cybersecurity
  • Provide virtual chief information security officer services
  • Train employees on security awareness

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