Financial Services


Accredited appraisers determine appropriate value.

Understanding the value of a business and how decisions affect that value, are important aspects of financial oversight.

Count on deep industry knowledge combined with third party objectivity to bring meaningful, useful information along with a list of actionable recommendations.

Wipfli teams give significant consideration to the purpose for the valuation and take the following approach:

  • Information gathering, analysis, and research
  • Client contact
  • Preliminary and tentative report
  • Final report

Experts provide both calculation and consulting services, a summary report, and a detailed report, depending on the needs of the client. Business valuations, pro formas, financial reporting, and due diligence are all covered by expert teams.

Valuation teams have helped thousands of stakeholders determine the best path for everything from buy/sell agreements to gifting and transitioning.

Featured Thought Leader

Kevin Janke, CPA, ABV, ASA

Kevin Janke has spent over 20 years assisting clients to acquire a business or to sell their closely held businesses. His time is spent exclusively doing business sell-side brokerage, buy-side brokerage, valuation, and related engagements. Kevin is highly sought after for his easy-going demeanor and technical skills.

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