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340B Program Compliance

Find 340B compliance peace of mind.

Do you have a 340B Drug Pricing compliance program that delivers more value. Our thorough compliance assessments ensure accurate and consistent monitoring, but also uncover time and cost saving insights.

Rest assured knowing that your 340B Drug Discount Program compliance is consistent and carefree. Through our efficient, concise, and practical approach, we will:

  • Review tracking. Support your ability to prove that 340B drugs are administered or dispensed to eligible patients in eligible points of service.
  • Review database. Ensure complete and accurate active provider listings.
  • Evaluate pharmacy and third-party administrator oversight practices. Ensure proper policies and procedures are in place and observed.
  • Examine auditable records. Confirm a clear audit trail, crucial for maintaining compliance.
  • Identify "child." Ensure all required sites are registered.
  • Identify additional 340B opportunities. Many savings opportunities are often overlooked.

Are you concerned about the compliance of your 340B Drug Pricing Program? Do you have an effective tracking system in place? If you need peace of mind, contact us and we'll answer your questions and help ensure your program is operating according to regulations.

Featured Thought Leader

Kathleen M. Borisch, CMA

Kathy Borisch works with critical access hospitals, delivering financial forecasting, analysis, and modeling in small and rural hospital settings. She assists health care facilities in developing financial projections, implementing strategic pricing initiatives, reviewing current operational benchmarks related to revenue cycle and operations, and designing physician compensation models. Kathy also helps facilities to assess their compliance with the 340B Drug Pricing Program.