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Denials Management

Reduce denials through process improvement and data analysis.

Looking at denials strategically puts your facilities in the best position to increase the amount and speed of payment. Our team of healthcare industry experts will work with your internal teams to build a clear and measurable process, reducing variance in the billing system, and decreasing denials by:

  • Implementing best practice processes to manage all denials
  • Developing staff productivity standards
  • Developing a data warehouse with significant reporting capability
  • Establishing a work queue-based system for staff to efficiently address variations
  • Setting specific improvement goals for denials mitigation
  • Identifying high potential improvement areas
  • Creating standard definitions of denials type
  • Creating denials reference guide
  • Establishing a denials hierarchy for top-down root definition
  • Establishing a denials data table
  • Developing KPIs
  • Building responsibility matrices by functional area

With a systematic and comprehensive approach, your facilities will experience significant reductions in denials along with improvements in overall payment. Contact us. We can look at fixing broken processes on the front end and work on any denials on the back end.

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