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Physician Compensation Design and Validation

Flexible, sustainable physician compensation analysis, design, and implementation.

Truly successful physician compensation plans move beyond mechanically dividing up a pool of money to recognizing and rewarding desired performance.

Solutions are flexible and client-specific. Sustainable outcomes are assured based on organizational objectives. Physician input and participation is vital, along with pro forma development, performance improvement focus, and development of measurable tools.

Our team has experience in managing and consulting with medical practices and integrated delivery systems throughout the country. This broad experience will guide your organization’s vision for compensation and builds confidence in the design and implementation process.

Some of the areas we cover include:

  • The mission, vision, and strategic/business objectives of the practice.
  • The provider attraction and retention plan.
  • Superior individual and practice performance rewards.
  • Practice affordability.
  • Physician accountability for the market, strategic, operating service line, and clinical performance of the practice.
  • The performance appraisal process.
  • The tie between performance management and compensation.
  • Physician leadership, patient satisfaction, community service, and innovation.
  • Implementation and administration by physician leadership and management.
  • Information system capabilities.

Evaluating compensation is one of those projects that's difficult to begin and even harder to implement. Let us focus on this initiative so you can focus on the health of your patients. Contact us today to begin a conversation.

Featured Thought Leader

Jeff Bramschreiber, CPA

Since 1986, Jeff Bramschreiber has worked with all types and sizes of medical practices, from sole practitioners to 200+ physician medical groups, in both urban and remote rural locations. Jeff has successfully developed strategies to improve revenue, reduce costs, and enhance the profitability of numerous medical practices. His extensive experience provides tremendous value to medical organizations, bringing them great dividends well into the future.

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