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Dental Practices

Achieving business goals through practice optimization.

Your responsibility as owner and provider of dental services often puts you in a challenging spot. How do you work "on" your practice while spending most of your time working "in" your practice? Are you missing key avenues for growth? Are you compliant on new regulations and rules regarding billing and coding? Are you confident that you are capturing all of the tax benefits available to your dental practice? These are a few of the typical questions we hear from owners of dental practices. We have the answers.

The team from Wipfli is assembled with the unique needs of your dental practice in mind and includes experts from many disciplines, each with in-depth knowledge of dental professionals and their practices. Our objective is to focus on the health of your practice so you can focus on the health of your patients.

Our professionals provide innovative and sustainable strategies for your dental practice that goes far beyond typical accounting services — all customizable to your specific needs.

Some of these solutions include:

Do you have a plan to increase revenue while decreasing overhead? Is your IT system compliant and tracking the best growth indicators? Not easy questions to answer, but you have a resource. Contact us today. Let's start thinking strategically about the future of your dental practice.