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Increase productivity and reduce profit leakage with machine-monitoring technology.

A discrete manufacturer faces a host of unseen challenges: asset productivity, lost capacity and profit leakage. Your company’s production key performance indicators (KPIs) can reveal these challenges, yet it’s difficult to target exactly where losses and leakages are occurring. But by connecting machines to the cloud, plant managers can use industrial internet of things (IIOT) software to quickly assess current performance and investigate historical trends.

Turn Reactive Decisions Into Proactive Solutions

An IIOT industry pioneer, Wipfli’s Shop Floor Optics, powered by MachineMetrics, is a software and consulting solution that revamps the way companies interact with human and machine data to transform information into action. Our web-based solution is tailored for discrete manufacturers and provides your plant access to machine data from any internet-connected device. In conjunction, Wipfli advisors provide on-going support to your organization so that you can quickly begin leveraging and applying insights from the software.

Gone are the days where a plant’s output is quantified at the end of a shift and reported to management through a series of lagging reports. Shop Floor Optics gives your management team the ability to set part goals and equipment usage targets and then react to real-time measurements. Being able to direct labor, adjust work order routing and identify underperforming work cells in quicker increments can make all the difference in meeting customer expectations. 

Industrial Internet of Things
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Interacting with your machine data is simple. Shop Floor Optics provides user-friendly dashboards with drill-down capabilities. Want to learn more about a specific machine’s average cycle time, setup, part quality, usage timeline or unit output over a specific time period? All of this information is readily available and can be accessed from the home dashboards.

Industrial Internet of Things
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Shop Floor Optics is designed to help you target and accelerate your continuous improvement efforts. By leveraging the solution, you can:

  • Free untapped machine capacity
  • Locate production variances
  • Identify true causes of unplanned downtime
  • Reduce issue resolution time
  • Improve production scheduling and on-time delivery
  • Increase margins and return on assets (ROA)

Where Shop Floor Optics fits in your business:

  • Shop floor operators, supervisors and managers
  • Production scheduling
  • Estimating and quoting
  • Controllers and cost accounting
  • Leadership for true profitability analysis

Put Your Data in the Right Hands

Investing in new technology is exciting, but taking full advantage of its capabilities can be difficult at first. Wipfli’s Shop Floor Optics solution blends IIOT technology with an advisory component to help your organization accelerate user adoption and reap the solution’s full potential. A Wipfli team consisting of a data scientist and a productivity specialist leads your user group through Power Sessions to discuss the data and trends showing in Shop Floor Optics. Your employees gain the problem-solving and data-interpretation skills they need reach improvement goals and feel a sense of empowerment and accountability.

How Does It All Work?

Industrial Internet of Things
Graphic from MachineMetrics Software

Shop Floor Optics offers many benefits to drive your return on investment (ROI), including enabling you to produce more with your existing resources.

Take the Next Step

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