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As technology continues evolving, manufacturers stand poised to benefit perhaps the most of any industry.

Technology fuels the success of manufacturing businesses. It overcomes your greatest challenges. And it can be leveraged in so many more ways.

That’s where Wipfli comes in. At Wipfli, we don’t just offer digital solutions. We offer digital clarity — cutting through to make the future work for you. Let’s overcome your biggest challenges with the right tech strategy.


Innovation is the biggest way you’ll stay competitive and continue growing. It touches all parts of your business — from your processes to your culture. By thinking innovatively and leveraging the right technology, you can transform your customer experience, improve your business processes, and attract and retain more talented people.

Wipfli delivers a range of solutions centered around innovation. With our team, you can:

  • Use the Design Thinking process to generate ground-breaking ideas and solutions
  • Design human-centered digital technology
  • Upgrade to a modern, cloud-based ERP
  • Leverage business intelligence to make more strategic decisions
  • Create a roadmap for future technology innovation


Manufacturing has a huge opportunity to leverage automation to achieve greater efficiency and productivity, transition people into more strategic roles and continue improving the customer experience.

Wipfli can help. Work with our team to:

  • Identify automation opportunities and related tech solutions
  • Automate processes to improve the user experience
  • Leverage cloud technology
  • Implement Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Develop custom technology to meet unique automation opportunities


The two biggest challenges manufacturers face in becoming more resilient is in their cybersecurity and their supply chain. Cyberattacks are growing more frequent, sophisticated and profitable for cybercriminals. And the COVID-19 pandemic greatly disrupted supply chains, revealing flaws in strategy and the need to reduce risk.

 Let our team help you leverage technology to boost your resiliency in both of these areas. We can:

  • Assess your cybersecurity and identify risks and vulnerabilities
  • Implement managed detection and response cybersecurity
  • Improve your cloud security
  • Solve IT challenges and implement more robust infrastructure
  • Optimize your ERP system to improve your supply chain strategy

Growth and expansion

Enabling powerful growth means developing a future-focused digital strategy. Manufacturers can use digital solutions to increase customer loyalty and retention while optimizing profitability and revenue, make smart decisions based on accurate and timely business intelligence, and produce qualified leads that drive more business.

Wipfli can help you:

  • Develop personas so you can better understand your customers
  • Define your customers’ biggest needs and implement solutions to meet them
  • Deliver a greater user experience through mobile apps
  • Implement a robust CRM system
  • Create a long-term digital strategy

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