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As part of our exchange, a group of executive leaders in the real estate industry meet each quarter to share best practices and discuss topics of mutual interest based on an agenda created through a series of pre-interviews.

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Wipfli real estate leaders exchange

This report covered the latest challenges and opportunities in insurance, technology updates and how to navigate deal flow in the current market.

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June 2023 Real Estate Leaders Exchange Summary

Q2 2023

This report explores how firms can use AI effectively and securely, as well as different ways to approach financing challenges amid high interest rates and tighter lending standards. 

RE Leaders Exchange Feb 2023

Q1 2023

Our first real estate CFO exchange report covers market predictions and the industry’s fundraising responses, as well as how real estate firms are utilizing emerging technology and capabilities to drive productivity and efficiency.

Q3 2023

This quarterly report covers recent market trends, strategies for navigating lending in the high-rate environment and the impact of higher insurance costs. 

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Q4 2023

In this quarter’s report, we take a closer look at real estate in 2024, including the industry outlook, energy efficiency incentives and strategies for strengthening your bottom line.