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Tribal construction services

Construction support and monitoring tailored to tribes

Navigating construction projects on tribal lands can be unique, time-consuming and complex.

Tribal entities often face multiple hurdles in the development process along with added regulatory concerns. And it’s crucial to balance projects with the traditions and cultural values that are central to your vision.

To overcome these unique challenges, you need specialized support for planning and collaborating effectively.

Why Wipfli

With Wipfli, you get a dedicated team that combines extensive experience in serving the construction industry with deep knowledge of how tribal entities operate. We help you manage planning and contracts so that you can complete projects within budget and on time.

Our construction support services include:

Project scheduling

Start your construction right with a plan that helps ensure success.

Wipfli brings experience in a variety of projects to help you develop a realistic project schedule that avoids common pitfalls and allows you to make informed decisions about your progress at any stage.

Contract compliance

Manage the terms of your contract with Wipfli. Our compliance team helps you verify the accuracy of billing and resources so that you can be confident in your budget. If overpayments or overcharges do occur, we can also help you identify them quickly and navigate cost recovery.

Dispute resolution

Wipfli can help you avoid increased costs and extended timelines by working to resolve disputes before they escalate. When conflicts arise, our experienced team provides the support you need to evaluate legal strategies and build an effective case.

Our services include forensic and compliance reports, construction dispute resolution and litigation support.