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What is the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment? Should you take it?

Jan 08, 2023

Has your employer or a prospective employer asked you to take the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment? We’ll explain what that means for you and what you should do (and not do).

What is the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment?

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment is a tool used by more than 9,000 companies worldwide to measure the motivating needs of current and prospective employees. The tool is just two simple questions and can be a valid, reliable predictor of job fit and success. It can also be valuable for employee and team development and engagement.

If your current employer has asked you to take it

First, that’s a great sign that you are working for an organization that values employees and strives to create an engaging atmosphere. Taking the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment and answering its questions openly and honestly can benefit you and your team. The analytics from the assessment will be used to build awareness and help you develop professionally and personally.

Ideally your results should be delivered and explained through a trained Predictive Index analyst, as the results provide more data than just the computerized report. Many organizations choose to share Predictive Index data with their employees during a team-building session.

If a prospective employer has asked you to take it

It should be encouraging to you that this employer is thoughtful and wants to hire talented individuals who will fit well within the company’s culture. The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment can be a valid, reliable survey for job fit and is an EEOC-compliant tool for use within the employee selection process. If you’re interested in joining the organization, you should take the survey.

If you’ve already taken it but are asked to take it again

The original results are usually the most accurate (although resurveys can be administered periodically to measure employee engagement). If you’ve taken the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment before, your original results will most likely be the most accurate results for the employer to interpret. Let the requesting organization know that you’ve taken it before and that you understand that the original results are usually the best, so you’ll pass on retaking it and will provide your original results instead.

If you don’t have your results, you can request those from your employer. If you took the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment at another company, you could ask the Predictive Index administrator there to either release your results directly to you or share them with the Predictive Index analyst requesting your results at the other company. Most organizations are happy to share Predictive Index results with other trained organizations because the odds are they’ll someday need to request results themselves.

So, if you’re asked to take the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment, just know that you’re affiliating with an employer that wants to uncover the full potential of its employees.

Answer the questions honestly and thoughtfully, and when you see your results, you could be amazed by the accuracy and insights from the data.

How Wipfli can help

Wipfli is a Predictive Index certified partner. Learn more about how Wipfli Predictive Index analysts can help you hire top talent, build a strong community and increase team performance.

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