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Making a Difference: Working With Nonprofits Inside and Out

Nov 12, 2018

I’ve been working with our client Team Rubicon on their digital transformation for several months now. When the opportunity presented itself to volunteer with their organization, I readily raised my hand for the chance to serve alongside a fantastic client with a powerful mission.

Team Rubicon is a humanitarian organization that enables military veterans, volunteers and civilians to aid in disaster relief efforts around the world. No disaster is too small for Team Rubicon. You may have never heard of Mazomanie, Black Earth or Cross Plains, but in late August of 2018, all three Dane County, Wisconsin cities experienced flash flooding from over 14 inches of rain that fell in only 24 hours. The flooding damaged homes and businesses, washed out bridges and had emergency crews performing dozens of water rescues.

When I arrived, I could easily see how great they are at what they do. True to their origin, they have a military-level of organization and strategic mindset that makes them incredibly effective. Team Rubicon volunteers knew exactly what to do, how to approach the people we wanted to help and what safety protocols we needed to follow. Soon enough, we were in people’s homes mucking out mud, hauling out furniture, ripping up floors and cutting out drywall.

Making a Difference Team Rubicon
Volunteering with members of Team Rubicon in Dane County, Wisconsin.

Helping Team Rubicon to help others is one of the most rewarding parts of my work at Wipfli. Everyone involved has found a lot of meaning in and excitement around the projects we’re working on with them. Our engagement is focused on building a volunteer management system (VMS) that will help Team Rubicon more efficiently deploy and track volunteers, procure equipment, measure impact and engage their donor base. We’re also leading the change management process that’s necessary to obtain buy-in across their organization and achieve a successful technology implementation. Future project phases will enhance inventory, donor and case management, as well as customer service and engagement.

Since the majority of Team Rubicon’s time is spent on engaging with veterans and donors, Wipfli’s projects will have a huge impact on their organization. Helping them accomplish their mission by reducing steps in their processes and making their operations more efficient is our main goal, and I really appreciate the time I got to spend seeing and contributing to the amazing work they do. It gives me a new perspective on their mission and the role I play in helping them carry it out.

Making a Difference Team Rubicon
Taking a photo break! Team Rubicon takes on hard, physical work, but it makes a huge difference in the lives of others.

It’s easy to see the opportunities for other humanitarian organizations to improve their operations, technology and financial management. The majority of a nonprofit’s limited resources go into achieving its mission, but it takes a lot of secondary support in helping donations stretch the furthest they can. As we’re seeing with Team Rubicon, technology is an incredible way to enable donations to make the biggest impact. And this is true regardless of your mission, your size or your resources.

If you have questions about how Wipfli can help your nonprofit affect change — both in your organization and in your mission — please contact us today.


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