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Podcast: CECL’s impact on financial institutions

Jan 25, 2021
By: John Erwin
Financial Institutions

Private banks and smaller SEC companies will have to adopt CECL in the coming years, so it can be helpful to look at how CECL has impacted financial institutions so far.

In this episode of the Bank on Wipfli podcast, we dive into: 

  • What challenges CECL and its implementation have brought forward
  • What smaller institutions can do to prepare for their adoption date
  • What methodologies should be used depending on loan type, and what patterns we have seen
  • What the range of impacts have been to the allowance upon adoption

Wipfli Senior Manager John Erwin says, “Avoiding surprises or having earlier discussions will save a lot of headaches …. It’s very hard to overprepare even if you feel like you are.” Click here to learn more about CECL, its requirements and how you can get started. And don’t forget to download or listen to the podcast.

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