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Tic Toc Went the Clock

Oct 11, 2018
Financial Institutions

Have you ever noticed how loud a clock can be when you lie awake in bed at night trying to formulate a plan or come up with a solution to a problem? You toss and turn and tell yourself to stop thinking, while the minute hand on the clock slowly moves ahead. Then the unthinkable happens, just when you have fallen asleep (or at least that’s how it feels) the alarm starts buzzing. You wake up with a headache and are no closer to a plan or solution then you were when you went to bed.

Instead of reaching for a pain reliever, reach for the telephone and call your trusted Wipfli consultant. We want to know what is keeping you up at night. After we learn about your current and future challenges, growth goals and evolving needs, we offer you options to choose from that meet your business needs and help you move forward.

Options? We can choose from a variety of solutions, you ask? That’s right! Wipfli now offers a pricing philosophy designed to let you control the level and “worth” of services selected. This alignment comes from having a clear understanding of your needs and expectations and then packaging our solutions in a way that offers you choices as to what and how much we will do. You benefit from having a say in the level of service that best fits your institution’s needs, as well as increased transparency in what your costs will be, including upfront clarity related to any changes encountered later on.

We listen, we offer solutions/pricing options, and you decide what the resulting engagement looks like. We are confident that the impact of this simple and customized solutions method will be lasting and positive!

We are ready to begin helping you formulate a plan and find a solution to a problem. Don’t have another sleepless night; contact us, and let’s start the conversation.


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