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Nonprofits: Maximize Your Relationships With Dynamics 365

Oct 29, 2018
By: Andrew J. Potasek

Nonprofits face unique challenges, and meeting them is incredibly tight with limited resources. Of course, you would rather focus on your mission than the organizational aspects that take up so much of your time. But in working with nonprofits — like humanitarian organization Team Rubicon — I have seen that software they thought was only used by for-profit businesses is perfect for the networking, event-planning and donation-tracking needs nonprofits have. One of the best applications for nonprofits is Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 allows you to streamline your processes, saving both time and money. The tool and its integrated relationship-management capabilities can also help your organization:

  • Find and develop key donor relationships
  • Manage participant and volunteer networks
  • Develop and execute programs and initiatives
  • Plan events
  • Track and allocate grants
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry through integration with leading financial systems

Figuring Out the Right Fit

Nonprofits understandably need to be absolutely sure any software they invest in is going to not just be a right fit for their organization but also do everything it promises. And that’s where Wipfli can help you make that key decision. We offer a complimentary assessment that examines your nonprofit’s core processes and challenges and demonstrates to you and your leadership what Dynamics 365 is capable of. We’ll also explain how the application can help your organization meet challenges, increase collaboration and even grow.

And if you decide Dynamics 365 is the best solution for your nonprofit, our same Dynamics 365 specialists can implement the application and provide your employees with comprehensive training — making them aware of best practices, tips and tricks and helping ensure they’re using Dynamics 365 to its fullest capabilities.

To learn if this technology tool is the right fit for your nonprofit, check us out in AppSource or learn how to get started today by contacting us here.


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