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Dealer Conversations: Making deals during COVID-19

August 23, 2020

By Mark W. Ayers

Is it just me, or does March sometimes seem like it was over a year ago ? The coronavirus has made just about everything more difficult. But we are resilient people. My wife and I are experiencing firsthand the additional challenges of selling and then building a house this year. Some of the challenges that we are facing are similar, although certainly on a much smaller scale, to what everyone buying and selling businesses is experiencing: virtual meetings to negotiate contracts instead of in-person, questions over vendor supply issues and how that will impact the transaction, reviewing and signing documents electronically, and questions about whether the buyer or seller will be able to fulfill their obligations as a result of unforeseen issues that might lie ahead.

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Dealer Conversations: Let’s talk about what’s important to you

August 10, 2020

By Steve Hewitt

Welcome to Dealer Conversations! We’re excited to bring you a brand-new blog — a communication channel focused on what’s happening in the dealer industry, from dealership news to insights to trends.

As the firm’s dealership industry practice leader, I’m having conversations with dealers daily. And having worked exclusively with this industry for decades, I’m familiar with industry trends and what’s on your minds. And needless to say, in today’s environment, it’s a lot.

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