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Why GP, SL and NAV users should look at Microsoft’s Bridge to Cloud

October 7, 2021

Microsoft’s Bridge to Cloud means right now is an ideal time for your SL, NAV or GP to Business Central migration. Here’s what you need to know.

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How to set up your Business Central sandbox and set your update schedule

April 29, 2020

When it comes to how-to instructions, nothing beats a video demonstration! In this Business Central vlog, we take you through how to set up a sandbox environment using the new preview version of Business Central. Sandboxes allow you to test new features and changes within your Business Central environment before an update is applied to all live instances.

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What’s new in Dynamics 365 Business Central, 2020 wave 1 release

April 24, 2020

By Barbara Bell

The latest update of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central launched in April. The spring update focuses on productivity, application enhancements, service and development fundamentals and cloud migration tools.

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Moving from Dynamics GP to Business Central: Main benefits, and updates to migration tool

March 24, 2020

By Barbara Bell

The switch from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central can seem like a daunting task for organizations — but the benefits of moving from an on-premises solution to a cloud-based one are well worth it. And Microsoft’s migration tool makes it easier than ever.

But first, what are the main benefits?

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Microsoft improves GP to BC migration tool — have you switched to the cloud yet?

March 10, 2020

By Barbara Bell

We’re excited to share that Microsoft has released a significant update to their migration tool: Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

While Dynamics GP remains a great solution for its users, it also very much remains an on-premises solution. Businesses and organizations looking to move to the cloud and enjoy its many benefits should look into moving to Business Central.

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How to do prepayments in Microsoft Dynamics GP

February 7, 2020

There are times you will require particular customers, inventory or services to have a prepayment at the time a sales order is entered into Dynamics GP. 

To do this in GP, you just need to enter these in GP and then make a few modifications to your invoice to reflect the prepayment was applied to the order.

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Important fix for GP Payroll Tax

January 9, 2020

Over the past two days, we’ve received word of some incorrect federal tax calculations when using the new “Higher Withholding” options from the new Form W-4 in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

If you have not updated any employee records to one of these new options, you will not have experienced an improper calculation on your recent payrolls from this known issue.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP: How to make purchase order prepayments

November 14, 2019

Introduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, Purchase Order Prepayments (POP) helps companies pay vendors prior to receiving all inventory and then entering an invoice. It can also be useful when a vendor requires a prepayment prior to processing an order. 

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What you need to know about the Dynamics GP release now that it’s live

November 6, 2019

By Stephanie M. Smith

It’s November now, and Microsoft Dynamics GP users have a lot to look forward to in the October 2019 release. All the new features are now live and making a big impact on users.

As you continue to enjoy these new and updated features, there are several things to note.

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Is It Time to Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics GP?

October 14, 2019

If you are a few versions behind on Microsoft Dynamics GP, then it’s probably time to start planning an upgrade. 

Dynamics GP 2013 came to the end of its support lifecycle on April 18, 2018. Microsoft will no longer be releasing any new Dynamics GP 2013 updates (e.g., hotfixes, service packs and year-end updates). Mainstream Support for Dynamics GP 2015 will end as well on April 14, 2020, which means that at that point in time, you will no longer receive tax and year-end updates for that version either. 

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Microsoft Dynamics GP October 2019 release: What’s in a name?

October 10, 2019

To help users get ready for Microsoft’s October 2019 release, we’re going to highlight two important changes: the Modern Lifecycle, and GP’s version name. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog that dives into the release functional and technical details.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018R2: Shared Maximums for Benefits and Deductions

August 21, 2019

Microsoft Dynamics GP has added Shared Maximums for Benefits and Deductions for a calendar year in the release of GP 2018R2. 

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What You Should Know about Microsoft Dynamics Roadmap in 2019 and Beyond

July 7, 2019

By Mark Christie

Microsoft continues to evolve Dynamics GP and Dynamics Business Central  to deliver for its customers no matter what they have and what they need.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP and the Benefits of Intelligent Cloud

June 23, 2019

By Mark Christie

Microsoft launched a major update to Dynamics GP in October 2018. With this update, the company added a new option to deploy an on-premise install of GP 2018 R2 with integration to a cloud-synced instance of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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What Is Intelligent Cloud Insights for Microsoft Dynamics GP?

May 22, 2019

By Barbara Bell

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2, there is a new tab on the home page called Intelligent Cloud Insights. If you’ve seen it, you might be wondering what it does and how it benefits you.

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New in Microsoft Dynamics GP: Updated Resource Options

May 8, 2019

As Microsoft continues to make the GP experience more user friendly, it is also updating the guides that pertain to those modules. These documents have become available strictly electronically, which allows for faster updates and better navigation to your chosen topic, as well as creates a more dynamic and living resource. 

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How to Rebuild the Management Reporter DataMart

April 10, 2019

In Microsoft Dynamics GP, the Management Reporter tool relies on the DataMart to create financial reports. The DataMart is its own, scaled-down database. It aggregates data from GP so that your report queries run faster, and with fewer complications, than if you were querying the live company database. 

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GP Users: How to Import Your Cash Receipts Without an Integration Tool

March 25, 2019

Even if you don’t use a lockbox, you can still import your cash receipts into Microsoft Dynamics GP using the Lockbox Entry.

You can find the Lockbox Maintenance window under the Sales Cards (Cards/Sales/Lockbox). Lockbox mapping can be done on multiple checkbooks, and the setup allows you the flexibility to auto apply your payments to invoices or map to specific invoices based on the source data.

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Top 4 Reporting Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP Users

March 17, 2019

By Barbara Bell

For businesses that utilize Microsoft Dynamics GP, there are several reporting options available. Understanding each tool is key to picking which one works best for your organization.

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How to Enable Digital Transformation With Microsoft Dynamics GP

March 4, 2019

Organizations all over the world are engaged in a digital transformation. The business world is reimagining how work gets done, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. You may have asked yourself, how can I help my business start or continue on this path? Now is a great time to embark on a digital transformation.

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Getting Started With GP Workflow: Approvals Done Right

February 27, 2019

Workflow is a powerful system built into Microsoft Dynamics GP. This tool allows you to automate approval processes, making it easier for employees to keep tasks moving through the team.

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27 New Microsoft Dynamics GP Features You Should Know – Part II

December 18, 2018

By Barbara Bell

We’re taking a closer look at the R2 release in a new, two-part blog series. Part I of the series reviewed the first 14 features businesses should know about the release (click here to read our recap if you haven’t already), and today we’re reviewing the final 13 features that should be on your radar. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

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27 New Microsoft Dynamics GP Features You Should Know — Part I

December 11, 2018

By Barbara Bell

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been a mainstay at growing businesses for decades, and the company has continued to improve the platform’s functionality over the years. Whether it’s in the form of full releases (the most recent launches were in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2018) or through updates and service packs, Microsoft constantly responds to its customers to provide a familiar, yet advanced solution that saves business users time and money.

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Join Us in Arizona for the 2018 GPUG Summit

October 8, 2018

By Barbara Bell

The GPUG Summit is the can’t-miss conference for Microsoft Dynamics GP users. The conference is tailored to fit a wide range of topics and levels of experience.

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Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2018 New Feature Information

October 27, 2017

Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2018 new features -  Microsoft is listening to you!  The focus of this release is that it came from CONNECT, a website designed to tell Microsoft the changes that end users are requesting.

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Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2015 and 2016 Display Font Too Small - Wipfli

October 24, 2017

Microsoft Dynamics® GP display font is too small to read easily on Windows 10. Make a few changes to the program’s compatibility to resolve.

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Workflow for Dynamics® GP

October 16, 2016

Workflow 2.0 was introduced in Dynamics GP 2013 R2 and is included in the Starter Pack making it available to all GP users.  Since its release, Microsoft continues to add additional types and features.

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Wipfli earns Membership in the 2016 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics

August 16, 2016

By Barbara Bell

Wipfli is honored and excited to have earned membership in the 2016 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics.

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Microsoft Power BI for Dynamics GP2016

August 10, 2016

A new feature in Dynamics GP 2016 utilizes Power BI – learn more at our upcoming webinar.

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Troubleshooting and Fixing Unit Account Data in Management Reporter

March 14, 2016

If you find that some unit account data is missing from MR, this article will help you fix it. You don’t even have to rebuild the datamart.

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Keeping your FRx afloat with Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2015

February 23, 2016

Management Reporter has replaced FRx as Microsoft’s go to program for creating Financial Statements that use your Dynamics GP financial data. If you need to keep your FRx around a little bit longer here is how to make it work with GP 2015.

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Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2015 R2 New Purchasing All-in-One View

January 8, 2016

 New in GP 2015 R2 - A vendor calls asking about a specific payment you now have the ability to see all the documents related to that payment in one view!

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Microsoft Dynamics® GP: Unable to Email Word Template

January 5, 2016

Dynamics GP: Unable to Email Word Template – Able to email the original template, but unable to email the modified version

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