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How contractors can use Power BI to streamline data processes and gain faster insights

Jun 24, 2020

Many businesses spend countless hours manually preparing data. The longer it takes them, and the more silos the data comes from, the older the data becomes — leaving leaders to make critical decision-making based off outdated insights.

Don’t let the process of turning data into insights take longer than it needs to. Consolidate your business view with data integration and start making more well-informed decisions faster to help your business get ahead of the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this webinar, Wipfli’s Matt Gelb and Ryan Rademann dive into how Microsoft Power BI helps businesses transform processes and integrate and visualize their data.

Topics include:

  • Why data is a common problem for businesses
  • How to determine if you have a data problem
  • How to effectively use Power BI to streamline data processes

If you’re ready to gain fast insights, listen today and jumpstart your business’s data integration plan.


Matt Gelb, VTSP, MCTS
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Jared Papador
Senior Business Intelligence Consultant
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Ryan C. Rademann
Senior Manager
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Christina Klein Trapp, CPA, MST
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Brad Werner, CPA, MBA
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