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What is zero trust, why do you need it and how do you get it?

Oct 29, 2022

Hard to earn and easy to destroy, trust is crucial not only in interpersonal relationships but in computer systems, too. The problem is that networks and systems were designed from the beginning to trust all users and transactions. In most networks, trust was given and never earned. But now, cybercrime has changed that. If you want to secure your network, you’ve got to understand and implement zero trust concepts.

This webinar covered the elements of zero trust.  Tom Wojcinski, a principal in Wipfli’s cybersecurity and technology management practice, and special guests Dan Dellumo, a senior consultant at Wipfli and Ross Rogers, a senior manager at Wipfli, discussed zero trust, including:

  • What zero trust is
  • Why it’s increasingly necessary in protecting organizations



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