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CECL Implementation: Practical Ideas to Move Forward

Dec 14, 2018

“Am I doing the right things to get ready for CECL?” This is a common question asked by financial institutions as they struggle to figure out what CECL’s impact is going to be. This webinar looks at some practical ideas financial institutions should be considering to stay on track throughout the implementation process. We focus on the latest thinking in the industry about how CECL can be effectively adopted by small- to mid-sized institutions. We also discuss the implementation steps that should have already been completed and look ahead to the next steps institutions should be thinking about.

This webinar:

  • Discusses the latest thinking from regulators on CECL Implementation.
  • Reviews implementation steps institutions should be working on currently or should have already completed.
  • Outlines the next steps to make sure CECL implementation stays on track.
  • Updates participants on CECL methodologies that could be utilized.
  • Highlights CECL’s impact on less talked about areas, including acquired loans and securities.

This webinar was created for CFOs, Controllers, CEOs, Senior Lending Officers, and others that will be involved in the implementation of CECL.


Nick G. Ansley, CPA
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Brett D. Schwantes, CPA
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