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Business Continuity and FFIEC Appendix J: Be Prepared and Compliant

Jun 19, 2015

This webinar was recorded on June 19, 2015. Click the Download button to watch the recording and to view the presentation slides.

Financial institutions (FI) need to prepare to continue the business and recover from a variety of incidents that could impact operations and service to customers. As FIs outsource more services, they become more dependent on the availability of service providers for day-to-day operations. In addition, cybersecurity threats, like malware and denial-of-service attacks, are threats that need to be considered in business continuity programs.

Recently, the FFIEC issued additional guidance (Appendix J) to the business continuity work program that requires institutions to consider these new threats and dependencies. The FFIEC makes it clear that BCP is a business issue, not an IT issue. Senior management and the board of directors are challenged to provide the governance and oversight over an FI’s cybersecurity and business continuity programs.

In this session, Wipfli provides valuable information on how to prepare your institution to survive when disaster strikes. We also discuss the latest business continuity tools and techniques to develop an actionable and compliant business continuity program. In this session we cover:

  • Business continuity industry trends
  • Enterprise-wide business continuity program development
  • FFIEC regulatory requirements including Appendix J
  • Re-thinking recovery:  solutions and strategies
  • Common challenges and pitfalls
  • Self-assessment tool to help you assess BC program readiness


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