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Healthcare Connections: Build a more cyber resilient healthcare organization

Sep 27, 2022

During this month’s Healthcare Connections, Cybersecurity & Technology leaders discussed the importance of building a more cyber resilient healthcare organization.

Cybersecurity threats and data breaches of healthcare organizations are happening all over the country.  This session covered the reasons why hospitals, health care providers and health systems have become a favorite target of cybercriminals. We offered practical strategies and tactics you can implement to successfully prevent and mitigate cyberattacks.

Topics discussed:

  • The current trends in the cybersecurity threat landscape
  • Effective methods to be more resistant to an attack in the first place
  • Discussed the necessary capabilities to detect and respond to attacks in their early stages
  • Shared proven practices to maximize recoverability in the event of a devastating cybersecurity attack


Tom Wojcinski
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Jason Vander Velde
Senior Manager
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