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Building Enduring Value: Is Your Manufacturing Organization Transferable?

Jan 15, 2019

We all know the importance of succession planning. Make a plan to transition your business…someday.

But do you know that the hard work you are doing every day in your business might be preventing you from doing the work on your business to prepare for the future?

Truly understanding your business and its value goes beyond numbers. Whether you’re building your business, reaping the benefits of experience but not ready to retire or getting ready to plan your exit strategy, now is the perfect time to improve the transferability characteristics of your company.

The big question is: Is your business even transferable?

You built — and continue to nurture — your manufacturing organization for a reason. All manufacturers’ goals are unique, but building a legacy, serving your employees and growing your personal wealth were probably all part of your motivation. Are you confident that the business you have today is on track to meet your goals, either down the road when you are ready to step away or if you are unexpectedly unavailable?

This on-demand webinar explores the key transferability characteristics that are indicators of a successful business transition and what you can begin doing today to help perpetuate your manufacturing organization into the future. It is intended for manufacturing owners and leaders who are ready to take a hard look at the manufacturing organization they are building and prepare for a planned transition down the road or for a sudden, unexpected transition.


Paul T. Lally
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