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Cyber insurance readiness with JKJ

Apr 18, 2022

It’s harder than ever to get approved for cyber insurance.

Insurance prices have gone through the roof, and coverage is beginning to decrease or have new sub-limits that might actually reduce the coverage you think you have. Insurance carriers are even denying coverage if certain cybersecurity safeguards aren’t in place.  Your business doesn’t want to get stuck without insurance, and you don’t want to apply without being fully prepared either. In our Cyber insurance readiness with JKJ webinar, Wipfli and JKJ representatives discussed:

  • What you need before applying for cyber insurance
  • How to ensure maximum benefits/coverage
  • Risk management advice on social engineering and password compromises
  • Specific tips and tricks for your industry to leverage

Presented by:

  • Tom Wojcinski, Wipfli
  • Alexandra Bretschneider, JKJ


Tom Wojcinski, CISA, CRISC
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