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Sage Intacct webcast: How to prepare for upcoming Service Pack 4 release and 1099 reporting updates

Oct 29, 2020

The IRS is updating how nonemployee compensation payments are reported for the 2020 tax year, bringing big changes to your organization’s 1099 data in Sage Intact.

On Friday, November 13, Sage will release Service Pack 4 and change current 1099 data to accommodate for the recent IRS reporting update — so the change is twofold. With Sage Intacct’s impending release and the reporting updates from the IRS, organizations must act now to prepare for these 1099 changes. But where do you start?

This webinar gives the rundown and what to expect next month. We answer your questions and share:

  • What changes are coming with Service Pack 4
  • How to get your 1099 data ready for the release
  • Mandatory steps your organization must take prior to Nov. 13 to ensure accuracy of balances
  • What you must do now if your organization prints 1099s

These updates will impact critical 1099 data. Get your organization’s game plan and listen today.


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