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What is a red team exercise, and how is it different from a purple team exercise?

Oct 21, 2022

Have you gone through a couple of rounds of penetration testing and think your results look pretty good? It might be time to level up to a red team exercise and validate that your security investments can hold off a dedicated adversary. Or it could be time to look at a purple team to make sure your security team can really detect and disrupt an attack.

In this webinar Tom Wojcinski, a principal in Wipfli’s cybersecurity and technology management practice, and special guest Matt Berluti, a manager in Wipfli’s cybersecurity advisory services practice, explored red teams vs. purple teams. During the webinar they covered:

  • How red teams and purple teams level up your security
  • The difference between red teams and purple teams
  • When you would need one or the other — or both

Matt also shared learnings from his experience designing nation-state-level information access campaigns that helped organizations validate and improve their security investments. Download the webinar recording to learn more!


Tom Wojcinski, CISA, CRISC
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Matt Berluti, CISSP
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