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Talent and Change

Meet your strategic goals through successful talent and change management.

Navigating people-centered change and optimizing talent can be the driving forces in your organization’s success — or its failure.

Face these challenges or leverage these opportunities head-on with Wipfli. Our integrated, consultative approach looks at your talent and change goals and delivers practical but engaging solutions. From evaluating change readiness to retaining top talent, Wipfli shares the knowledge and skills you need to realize maximum success through your number one resource: your team.

Experienced Help for Your Organization

Design the Right Structure and Roles

Many forces in today’s fast-moving market require organizations to change key roles and reporting relationships often. When you need to step back and evaluate your core team, address skill gaps or align reporting relationships, the stakes are high, and bringing in experienced outside help can be the key to your success.

Engage Wipfli to help ensure your organization is primed to move forward with its best structure and strongest job roles.

Measure and Master Your Culture

If your talent, operations and culture aren’t aligned, any new project or goal can experience costly delays and head-scratching resistance — no matter how logical the approach.

Evaluate how well your organization is positioned for change with Wipfli’s culture, climate and change readiness solutions, powered by Human Synergistics.

Optimize Talent With Predictive Index®

You probably know that trust, collaboration and communication are core ingredients to a great team. But how do you design a winning team and scale it across your organization for repeat success?

As a Certified Partner of the Predictive Index — the world’s leading talent optimization platform — Wipfli offers the best talent optimization tools to help you hire the right people, inspire them to achieve and engage them in the urgent and important work.

Recruit, Hire and Promote Future Leaders

Do you have the talent on board today to reach your most critical goals? Many organizations are struggling with a lack of talent on the bench to move into key positions.

With Wipfli’s succession management, recruitment and selection solutions, you can identify your gaps. We can also partner to answer critical questions, such as can you fill those gaps internally, or will you look to ensure you’re efficiently tapping the external market?

Recognize and Reward Talent

With the skilled labor gap growing, you may wonder if your compensation plans and recognition programs are strong enough to attract and keep the best talent.

Our specialized team at Wipfli can help develop a winning compensation strategy as well as practical reward programs to recruit, retain and motivate all levels of leaders and employees.

Upgrade Your Human Resources Function

When HR doesn’t feel aligned with the rest of your organization, it’s time for a strategic evaluation.

Wipfli’s strategic human resources review asks the essential questions, helping you gain full visibility into your organization’s human resources policies, procedures and systems to assess how well these functions contribute to the management of your team.

Lead and Manage Change

The number one success factor for mergers, digital investments and leadership succession is managing change effectively. What is your capacity to balance the people, process, technology and financial aspects of your major initiatives?

Leverage Wipfli’s change management team, powered by Prosci®, to help lead you through sensitive or complex organizational changes. With Wipfli on your team, you can navigate change and adjust your strategy to meet your organization’s goals.

Optimize your team

We use the science behind Predictive Index to help we can help tie your people strategy to your business strategy.

Build the organization you envision

Our strategic planning and processes can solve challenges and achieve goals so you can grow and thrive.

Full-service human capital programs

Get help with your benefits and payroll packages to give you a competitive edge.

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