Predictive Index

Combine business and people strategy to optimize talent

Strong leaders rely on behavioral data and not just gut instinct to understand what truly motivates and keeps their teams engaged. With Predictive Index® — a talent optimization platform used by thousands of organizations around the globe for more than 65 years — we can help you tie your people strategy to your business strategy.

As a certified partner of PI, Wipfli can help you use this behavior assessment tool to design great teams and lead them through anything.  

With PI and Wipfli, you can:

  • Understand teamwork styles so you can use natural strengths and coaching to build high-performing teams.
  • Build relationships and expand your emotional intelligence to solve people problems fast.
  • Unlock strategies and build your capability to coach your direct reports.
  • Isolate and improve low employee engagement to increase revenues.

Predictive Index uses the science of strategy, behavioral, cognitive and job assessments to give you the data you need to drive results.

Combining PI with Wipfli’s talent management team will help you:

  • Reinforce the culture you want, not just band-aid the culture you have.
  • Hire top talent that performs and fits your culture.
  • Create new jobs and career paths that inspire performance.

Ready to see results?

Contact us today to take the mystery out of people and team management so you can diagnose the root cause of business challenges and design great teams to build a competition-crushing organization.

Predictive Index Certified Partner

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