Charitable Giving

Maximizing values.

Charitable gifts can be a valuable component of overall tax and estate planning, but there are important considerations when choosing who, what, when, and how much to give. Tax implications are critical in order to maximize the benefit to the donor as well as to the groups they support. Wipfli assists in the planning and administration of charitable giving by helping clients with their choice of charitable entity, minimizing tax liability, maximizing charitable deductions, minimizing administrative burdens, and preparing tax returns for private foundations and charitable trusts.

Wealth that works for good is the best measure of philanthropy.

Wipfli experts understand that financial legacy is about much more than just the value of money. Wealth that works for good is the best measure of philanthropy. Seasoned professionals help clients create a strategy that supports the causes they’re passionate about, while minimizing tax exposure.

Using a full range of available tools, Wipfli works to effectively meet each client’s charitable goals and maximize the value of contribution dollars. The collaboration results in successful integration of giving efforts with estate planning goals. This ensures that a philanthropic legacy continues far into the future.

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