Protect and grow your wealth

When it comes to protecting and growing your wealth, have you covered all your bases?

Do you have any upcoming financial decisions to make? Wipfli can help you better understand the decision’s impact on your taxes. We assist clients with everything from stock option exercises and charitable donations to entity structuring and business transitions.
If you’re thinking about helping your son or daughter with a down-payment on their home, funding a grandchild’s 529 plan or looking to strategically move wealth from one generation to the next, let us work with you on planning strategies and gift tax compliance.
Navigate your unique family office with a coordinated approach among the various professionals who play a role in your estate and tax planning, investment management and related activities. We aim to maximize efficiency and streamline governance.
Gain confidence in your financial future. Wipfli Financial Advisors helps you build a personalized plan to meet your retirement goals and make decisions on things like when the best time to draw Social Security is, whether you should take a lump sum pension benefit or an annuity payment, and when to consolidate or restructure your life insurance policies.
Integrate your investments, financial plan and income tax-saving strategies, and design an investment portfolio focused on meeting your long-term financial goals. With over $4 billion in assets under management, Wipfli Financial has helped nearly 2,000 clients manage their wealth.
Create a plan for the unexpected, for future growth opportunities and to weather business challenges. And most importantly, help ensure the perpetuation of your business after you’ve retired. Our business transition group helps you develop a detailed, customized transition roadmap with actionable recommendations and timelines.
† Investment advisory and/or financial planning services, if requested, will be offered by an affiliate, Wipfli Financial Advisors, LLC, under a separate engagement agreement for a separate fee. Please visit for important information about the firm, its services and disclosures.