Property Tax

Experts navigate the complexities of property taxes to help achieve savings.

Taxes on both, real property and personal property, represent a significant portion of a business’s state and local tax burden. Since property tax rules and filing requirements vary, not only between states but also within states, many taxpayers are overpaying on property taxes, or may be noncompliant with required tax returns and related taxes.

Seasoned state and local tax professionals and real estate property tax consultants bring a deep understanding of tax law to help clients prevent overpaying or double paying taxes and ultimately achieve annuity savings on property taxes.

Realize the lowest defensible tax liability for your real estate and ease the personal property tax compliance process with these specialized services:

Real Property

  • Real estate assessment analysis
  • Tax appeal/protest
  • Income and expense (P&L) analysis
  • Property tax budgeting and consulting
  • Litigation support
  • Real property lease evaluation
  • State and local tax opportunity analysis

Personal Property

  • Fixed asset classifications
  • Exemptions review
  • Ghost asset identification
  • Proper valuation

SALT opportunity analysis
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