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Board Governance

Evaluate, enhance, and improve overall Board governance structure.

In today’s demanding and dynamic banking environment, questions regarding governance are relentless.

Wipfli consultants ensure clients have the right policies, practices, and structure in place to achieve solid, proactive governance.

Our consultants work with clients to:

  • Facilitate third-party board assessments that deliver real insights to improve board performance
  • Evaluate board practices and policies to enhance effectiveness
  • Review committee structure and committee charters to strengthen focus
  • Provide board education to enrich board member understanding
  • Recommend best practices for evaluating CEO performance to ensure accountability
  • Examine board culture to ensure engagement and garner more valuable contributions
  • Explore board composition and establish succession plans to support success
  • Review and design board compensation to ensure it is competitive
  • Assist with establishing a sound risk management structure
  • Develop a 12-month board agenda to retain focus on appropriate strategies and policies

Engage the board and senior management in a robust strategic planning process to ensure alignment and appropriate board involvement

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